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How to maintain the engine of container transport semi-trailer

May. 12, 2020

How to maintain the engine of the container transport semi-trailer, the container transport trailer is mainly used for the transportation of the container, this container transport trailer can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and it is also convenient. Loading and unloading of goods Everyone needs to do engine maintenance when driving a container transport semi-trailer:

First; engine maintenance of container transport semi-trailers is very important, so maintenance should be carried out from time to time, especially when passing through some humid places, engine inspection and maintenance must be done.

Second; the engine of the container transport semi-trailer, the air intake system is composed of two parts: the air filter element and the air intake pipe. According to the use situation, the air filter element should be cleaned regularly and replaced regularly.

Third; the engine also needs lubricants, but after the container transport Mt. trailer travels for a certain national journey, the problem will arise when you start it, so everyone must choose the appropriate oil.

Losing a semi-trailer has a good maintenance effect. The maintenance work of the container transport semi-trailer engine has been introduced to you in detail through the above article. I hope you can take a closer look at the relevant aspects of container transport semi-trailer. 

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