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Is this the main force for self-unloading?

Feb. 05, 2021

Beginning in the second half of last year, in the field of dump semi-trailers, a new model suddenly appeared-bulk grain transport semi-trailers, and there were more and more manufacturers. So what kind of car is this? Is it compliant?

● Conventional dumping is limited, manufacturers have taken a different approach

According to the restrictions of GB1589, the height of the cargo box of the semi-trailer shall not exceed 600mm, which greatly limits the loading capacity of the dump semi-trailer. Therefore, in the transportation industry of low-density bulk cargo such as coal, today's dump semi-trailers cannot meet the transportation needs well.

Subsequently, in the new car announcements announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology every month, the number of companies that declare such models has continued to increase. In the latest batch of 337 announcements, the number of such models has reached 15 models, of which Shandong Haiya's family has declared 10 models, including boxes of various shapes.

Moreover, in addition to the previous "conveyor belt unloading" method, the new products in this batch of announcements also added "push-type unloading", and the remarks column also specifically stated, "This product has no lifting and self-unloading device and cannot be lifted. Liter dump".

At the Liangshan Auto Show, many companies exhibited this model. Among them, SAIC Hongyan, located in the center of the gate of the exhibition hall, also put out a model of this kind, which attracted many people to watch.

● Safety is indeed better, but there is a risk of overload

In fact, from the perspective of the product itself, this type of vehicle can realize automatic unloading without lifting the cargo box. Compared with the traditional dump semi-trailer, the safety will indeed be improved-at least the unloading is reduced. The risk of rollover when feeding.

In addition, in terms of policy, since this type of vehicle does not have a “barrier” in the traditional sense, there is no such thing as “barrier height must not exceed 600mm”, and the carrying capacity will naturally be greater.

As an example, our cargo box close to a rectangular parallelepiped has a maximum internal size of 9450*2450*1800mm and a volume close to 41.67 cubic meters; while the volume of a conventional rollover and self-unloading semi-hanging box is basically less than 20 cubic meters. Even if the shape of the cargo box is irregular, its loading capacity will be much larger.

However, the unloading speed of this conveyor belt is much slower than that of a traditional dump truck. The transportation environment of dump trucks often requires long queues. Such unloading speed will affect transportation efficiency to a certain extent and reduce operating income.

Flatbed dump semi-trailer is designated as a violation vehicle

In addition, due to the large volume of the cargo compartment, there is a high risk of overloading when transporting some dense bulk cargo such as sand and gravel. Nowadays, due to its just emerging, relevant regulations and standards are not sound, and future policy trends are also very unclear. Once this type of vehicle causes a large-scale overload phenomenon, it is very likely that in the future, like a flat dump semi-trailer, it will be classified as an illegal vehicle.

● Summary:

From the product itself, this model solves the safety problem when the dump truck cargo box is lifted, but it also brings a great hidden danger of overloading. Nowadays, the production enterprises and market scale of such models are constantly expanding, and the relevant departments should also give policy conclusions as soon as possible to prevent the phenomenon of "not letting use after buying a car".

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