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Reasons for slow braking and solutions

May. 09, 2020

Reasons for slow braking and solutions

  When loading and unloading relatively large objects in LONGHENG semi-trailer, according to the situation, whether to reduce the baffle. LONGHENG semi-trailer moves during driving when the brake is slow, it will be caused by the following situations: 

 Today LONGHENG Semi-trailer Factory will give you a detailed introduction: 

First, check whether the brake shoe friction plate and brake drum clearance are too large

Second, check if the brake shoes are excessively worn; 

Third, we must also check whether the air brake system leaks to reduce the pressure; 

Fourth, it is also necessary to check if the emergency brake valve is not working properly.

  In the first case, if you find that the way to deal with this problem is to ask the master of the auto repair factory to adjust the gap; 

The method to deal with the second situation is to replace the brake shoe friction plate;

The third way to deal with it is to repair the leaked parts or replace the parts; 

The method to deal with the situation in the fourth branch is to replace the emergency brake valve.

  In summary, if problems are found during the driving of Liangshan semi-trailer, it should be dealt with in time and checked one by one. If you find the problem, you must find a professional master to repair it, so as to reduce the accidents that occur when driving the Liangshan semi-trailer and cause traffic accidents. I hope the article organized by Liangshan Semi-trailer Factory will help everyone.

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