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The braking problem of semi-trailers has become an "industry unspoken rule". How can this hidden danger be eliminated?

Feb. 21, 2021

Common problems of semi-trailer brake:

In the daily accident handling, when inspecting and appraising the safety and technical status of the semi-trailer train, it was found that the braking system of the semi-trailer train involved generally had the following problems:

1. The front axle brake pipeline is loose;

2. The front axle brake pipeline is blocked;

3. Loosen the front axle brake;

4. Remove the front axle brake directly;

5. No ABS is installed.

The front axle brake pipeline blockage and the front axle brake loosening accounted for about 70%. The front axle brake pipeline loosened, the front axle brake was removed, and the ABS was not installed each accounted for about 10%. The blockage of the front axle brake pipeline and the loosening of the front axle brake accounted for a large proportion because these two illegal acts must be discovered after dismantling the tires. The other three illegal acts can be easily detected by traffic police in road law enforcement.

Industry insiders said that the braking problems of semi-trailer trains have become the “industry unspoken rules”. When these semi-trailer trains undergo safety technical inspections, the tractor brakes are temporarily adjusted, and they will be removed immediately after passing the inspection, which will bring safety to driving Great hidden danger.

Reasons for common brake problems:

Since the cancellation of the front axle braking of the tractor is an "industry unspoken rule", it is not an isolated phenomenon. Before September 1, 2014, when ABS was not popularized, after the driver took braking measures, due to the braking force distribution problem, the tractor and the trailer would brake out of synchronization, and it was easy to push the head, fold, and fold. The tail-flicking phenomenon poses a threat to driving safety, especially in rain and snow, and the risk factor is further increased. Therefore, removing the front axle brake of the semi-trailer train is a helpless move for the driver.

To remove ABS, first of all, most drivers have deviations in their thinking and understanding. Subjectively, they think that only the tires are locked and there are obvious tire drag marks on the road surface, which is the strongest state of braking force. Secondly, because the performance of the anti-lock braking device of the domestic semi-trailer train is worse than that of the imported semi-trailer traction train, the ABS cannot be maintained and repaired in the harsh transportation environment, and it often fails to prevent sideslip.

Most vehicle owners are affiliated logistics companies and individuals. Not many tractors and trailers are equipped with anti-lock braking devices. Most tractors and trailers are "free combinations". The phenomenon of "new heads and old trailers" is common. ABS and trailer without ABS, resulting in a mismatch between tractor and trailer brakes. When a semi-trailer train is loaded with cargo, the total mass of the trailer is much greater than that of the tractor. Once the trailer has no ABS during emergency braking, the trailer will slide and pull after the tail, which will push the tractor and cause the vehicle to lose control and easily cause traffic. accident.


1. Increase the promotion of ABS advantages:

Increase efforts to publicize the advantages of the anti-lock brake system, so that drivers, semi-trailer train owners or actual operators fully understand that the anti-lock brake system has the following advantages:

It can better maintain the lateral stability of the vehicle during emergency braking; prevent the vehicle from sliding and flicking;

It can improve the direction control during braking and prevent the push head from appearing;

Improve braking performance, ABS can make the wheels in the best braking state for both rolling and dragging;

Reduce excessive tire wear and reduce operating costs;

In the case of semi-trailer trains in rain, snow or emergency braking, vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking systems will have better braking and handling.

ABS can alleviate the phenomenon of braking heat decline. For example, Xiangning is located in a mountainous area, with long slopes, steep slopes, many bends, sharp bends, and unfamiliar road conditions, frequent use of brakes by drivers of semi-trailer trains in other areas, resulting in thermal deterioration of brakes, resulting in loss of vehicle control and unilateral road traffic accident.

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