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The development history of side curtain semi-trailer

Oct. 22, 2020

  Speaking of the origin of side curtain semi-trailers, we have to start from Europe in the 1980s. This product comes from the European trailer manufacturer Schmitz after nearly a decade of research.

The original side curtain semi-trailer is still controlled in the form of a sliding roof. The sliding column on the side and the wooden cargo bar at the front and rear end enable the side curtain to slide forward and backward stably. The wooden cargo bar can also To ensure the stability of the goods, it has a slight similarity with the domestic high hurdles.

  With a certain foundation, the side curtain semi-trailer has continued to develop and progress. After 2000, it has evolved to be able to open and slide to the front or back of the cargo box during loading and unloading, and the wooden cargo barrier has also become an activity. The sliding column can be removed, and the sliding column is also flexible and controllable. With no side shields, loading and unloading is more convenient, and the side curtain semi-trailer is gradually taking shape.

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