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Truck circuit failure is not only wear and tear, do you know?

Feb. 23, 2021

Usually, the reason for the aging of the wires is that the time is too long and the outer insulation layer is broken. However, the aging of the wiring harness on the truck cannot be literally seen. We need to divide it into two parts:

The first is the first very common reason. The wiring harness is a plastic sheathed multi-stranded copper cord. The temperature near the engine is very high. The plastic will inevitably release chemical substances such as plasticizers, which in turn react with the copper core wire; It's like the kind of black thing that is produced when we light the plastic with a lighter. This will reduce the strength of the plastic and increase the resistance of the copper core inside, which will cause the vehicle to report an abnormal failure.

The second is physical reasons that lead to aging. This is easier to understand. It is what we often call bumps. The wiring harness truck will be very bumpy when driving, and many wiring harnesses of the truck are also very unreasonable, which is very easy. Wear and tear, this kind of time is usually included in the aging range.

Therefore, we use different maintenance methods according to different aging reasons, and list the main reasons and solutions for wiring harness aging:

⑴, long-term overload operation, overload operation, the vehicle is in high-power operation mode such as ignition, air-conditioning operation, the wiring harness is in high-load operation, so when we are learning in driving school, the coach will scold those who continuously turn off the ignition Yes, trucks are the same. Long-term operation will cause the wire conductors to heat up, which will aggravate the aging process, so the solution is to avoid long-term ignition requests;

⑵. Environment and temperature, the external environment and heat source where the wiring harness is located can also cause excessive temperature, insulation breakdown, and even fire.

⑶, external force damage, many vehicle failures are actually caused by external force wear, the wire leaks out of the ground, and the vehicle reports the failure.

Wire the wire in the correct way, add a wear protection cover to the wire harness at the easily worn position, select the matching wire number hole, and wrap it into strands, and add a protective cover structure between the connector and the outer corrugated tube to avoid leakage of the wire.

⑷. Harness connector failure. The connector is the weakest link in the cable circuit. Cable connector failures caused by direct faults of personnel often occur. This requires personnel training, the installation and removal of the wiring harness connector, and the attention to the pins.

⑸ Chemical corrosion, this is also a common failure phenomenon, including battery leakage corrosion, urea corrosion, many rainy weather in the south, it will also cause serious corrosion of the leaking wiring harness of the vehicle, resulting in failure of the protective layer, reduced insulation, and also causing the vehicle Report a false fault.

This kind of car owners need to pay attention to, often check and wipe the leaking wiring harness of the vehicle, and check the leakage of the vehicle water tank and urea tank.

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