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Van Semi Trailer Encyclopedia

Sep. 17, 2021

The semi-trailer truck is a semi-trailer with a frame structure and no floor. It is a semi-trailer specializing in transporting containers. The first and third trucks are used for pulling bulk cargo, and the middle is a fully enclosed box truck for loading and distributing goods. It is suitable for household appliances and light The transportation of textile goods, coal, sand and stone and other construction materials, as well as map goods.


    1. The van transport semi-trailer has strong bearing capacity, high safety factor, reasonable design, sturdiness and durability, and advanced manufacturing technology.

    2. The frame of the van transport semi-trailer is a beam-through structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts a straight or gooseneck type. The height of the webs ranges from 400 to 550, the longitudinal beams are welded by automatic submerged welding, the frame is shot blasted, and the cross beams penetrate the longitudinal beams and welded as a whole.

    3. Van type structure: The car body is made of high-strength cold rolled corrugated steel plate, no frame structure, centered everywhere, diverse options, large loading space, reasonable distribution in the car body, X-shaped bracing, with multiple pull, heavy load, and self-weight Light features. There are closed, push-pull open, open, open, tarpaulin rod type, etc. on the top of the cabin, which are easy to operate and meet the diverse and individual requirements of users.

    4. Composed of tandem leaf spring and suspension support; reasonable structure, strong rigidity and hardness, used to support the load and reduce the impact.

    5. The van transport semi-trailer adopts a closed side protection design, which effectively reduces the lateral risk when the vehicle is running at high speed and reduces energy consumption. The rear protection design has a reasonable cart attachment to facilitate operation.

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