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What is the difference between an oil/liquid tank truck and a liquid supply truck? Ordinary semi-trailer price

Apr. 07, 2021

Although the liquid supply truck and the tank truck are surprisingly similar in appearance, there are huge differences between the two models from the announcement type, to the configuration requirements, and to the home operation. As a vehicle that enjoys the preferential policy of exempting purchase of additional taxes, the liquid supply vehicle can not only easily settle on the general cargo transportation license plate, but also reduce the front disc and rear drum of the chassis, the engine speed limit, the European standard tank mouth, and the subsea valve in the vehicle configuration compared with the oil tanker. Compulsory additional equipment such as the transportation medium: well washing fluid, lubricating oil, mixing station additives, non-flammable and explosive materials such as edible oil, first purchase cost (much lower than tanker truck), road operation management (supply There have been huge differences between the general cargo on the liquid truck and the dangerous cargo on the tank truck. Now we will simply distinguish and compare the two models, so that the majority of users can choose the right model according to their needs and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Comparison and distinction between liquid supply trucks and oil tank trucks:

1. Vehicle shape:

a. Liquid supply truck:

b. Tank truck:

2. Operation:

a. The liquid supply truck is a general cargo, and it can be settled in an individual or anchored in a general cargo transportation company.

b. Tank trucks are dangerous goods and must be linked to a company with dangerous goods transportation qualifications and cannot be linked to individual households.

3. Requirements for driver qualifications:

a. The driver of the liquid supply truck only needs to have a qualification certificate for general cargo transportation.

b. The driver of the tank truck must have a qualification certificate for dangerous goods transportation, and the co-pilot must also be equipped with an escort (and hold a dangerous goods transportation escort certificate).

Four, configuration requirements:

a. The liquid supply truck is an ordinary tank truck, and there are no mandatory special requirements. This model is a state-subsidized promotion model, and the purchase surcharge is exempted for the households, and the household fee is small.

b. The tank truck is a dangerous goods transport vehicle. The tank body must be equipped with an emergency shut-off valve (subsea valve) at the bottom of the tank, a European standard tank port, and an optional oil and gas recovery device and a professional pipeline for lowering oil according to national regulations. The car chassis must be equipped with front disc and rear drum and engine speed limiter. For the households of Shanghai Dangerous Goods Transportation Company, the local transportation administration will install the gps system when they settle down, and the household registration fee is high (about 60,000 yuan for this vehicle).

5. Transport medium:

a. The transportation medium of the liquid supply truck is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and explosive liquid substances such as well washing fluid, mixing station additives, lubricating oil and so on.

b. The transportation medium of the tanker is gasoline and diesel flammable and explosive liquids.

6. Registration procedures:

a. The manufacturer needs to provide a certificate of conformity and an invoice for the application of the motor vehicle to the household.

b. In addition to the certificate issued by the manufacturer and the invoice for the motor vehicle, the local quality inspection department also needs to issue a tank inspection qualification report, and provide product qualification certificates such as submarine valves and European standard tank mouths.

In short, although the liquid supply truck and the fuel tank truck are very similar in appearance, there are big differences in various aspects such as tank structure, chassis configuration, registration procedures, operation management, and employee qualification management. These differences also directly affect the cost and operating cost of the vehicle, so choosing a suitable model will not only save worry but also save money. The above points are just a simple comparison of the two cars.

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