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Why does the car urea liquid have white sediment?

Feb. 22, 2021

1. Under what conditions are the white precipitates of urea liquid for vehicles formed?

Card friends who have encountered white sediments in car urea liquid can recall, you will find that white sediments in car urea liquid are all in winter, especially in the north, where the barreled car urea liquid is condensed After the ice melts, white sediment will appear at the bottom of the urea solution, so low temperature is one of the conditions for the formation of sediment.

If the vehicle is parked outdoors for a long time in winter, the urea liquid that has been filled in the vehicle aftertreatment system will freeze and precipitate sediment. The principle is the same as that of sediment in the urea bucket.

2. What is the white sediment of the car urea liquid?

Through professional testing of the urea solution with sediment after the ice melts, the test results show that the main component of the white sediment is triuret. The solubility of triuret under low temperature conditions is very low. Low temperature icing leads to precipitation. The density of triurea is relatively high, and after precipitation, it accumulates and settles to the bottom. This is why Kayou found that the car urea liquid has white sediment after freezing and melting.

▎3. What are the hazards of the white sediment of the urea liquid used in vehicles?

Harm 1: Lead to failure of vehicle urea detector

At room temperature, triuret dehydration and crystallization will cause vehicle urea sensor failures, inaccurate urea level detection, vehicle failures, and a lot of crystals will be produced in the pipelines and urea tanks of the processing system after a long time.

In the National VI system that is equipped with the "vehicle urea liquid quality sensor", the high triuret content in the vehicle urea liquid will inevitably cause the "vehicle urea liquid quality sensor" to report a fault code, and the truck will have limited torque and increase diesel consumption phenomenon.

Hazard 2: Cause blockage of nozzles, etc.

When the vehicle urea solution is heated at high temperature during use, the triuret will condense into cyanuric acid (cyanuric acid), which will aggregate and block the urea liquid nozzle. Cyanuric acid has the physical properties of being slightly soluble in cold water and easily soluble in hot water.

Therefore, when the nozzle is clogged, the repairer will use hot water to clean it, which is to use the solubility of cyanuric acid in hot water. In severe cases, the nozzle needs to be replaced.

▎4. Is there a way to remove triuret from the urea liquid used in vehicles?

Since the triuret in the car urea liquid has so many harmful effects, is there a way to remove the triuret in the car urea liquid?

In fact, this problem starts with the raw materials of urea for vehicles. The raw materials for vehicle urea are produced from coal or natural gas as raw materials, which is the so-called gas-head urea and coal-head urea. The production requirements of industrial urea are more stringent, but there is no way to completely avoid the production of triuret during the production process. This is the first reason why triuret is contained in the urea liquid.

The second reason for the triuret in the urea liquid is produced in the process of producing the urea liquid. Because the temperature rises during the production of the urea liquid, the urea molecule undergoes a condensation reaction to produce biuret and Triuret.

Aiming at the phenomenon that urea liquid contains triuret, Xinlan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of urea liquid for vehicles, independently developed an "ultra-pure filtration system" specifically for the purification of urea liquid.

The liquid urea for vehicles passes through the special filter medium of the "ultra-pure filtration system" to filter the liquid urea at nanometer level. The filtration accuracy is 5-10 nanometers, which is about one hundred thousandths of the thickness of the hair. The triuret is completely removed, and the urea liquid produced is simple and extremely pure.

At the same time, the "ultra pure filtration system" is applied to the intelligent integrated manufacturing machine independently produced by Xinlan to realize the quality of remote production parameter detection and control of the Internet of Things, and to ensure that every drop of urea liquid produced is of high quality.

▎ 5. What is the urea liquid for vehicles without triuret?

It is impossible to judge whether the car urea liquid contains triuret by the naked eye. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether the purchased urea liquid contains triuret when it is used for car urea liquid. It can be directly judged by the "Tyndall effect" method. Does the urea liquid contain triuret?

The Tyndall effect is an optical and physical phenomenon in which a bright "pathway" can be observed in the solution when a beam of light passes through a solution containing colloids.

By comparing the Tyndall effect of many common urea liquid brands and the new blue urea liquid on the market, it can be seen that all the urea liquids are pure and have no obvious impurities, but when the laser pointer passes, the urea liquid purchased from the market refracts The light is obvious, indicating that the solution contains more colloidal impurities such as triuret.

When the laser pointer passes through the new blue car urea solution, the refracted light is not obvious, and sometimes it is a bit like, indicating that the new blue urea solution produced by the "ultra-pure filter system" has no impurities such as triuret.

Triuret is the "culprit" that causes the urea liquid to crystallize. Kayou must choose a brand that does not contain triuret when buying the urea liquid to ensure smooth vehicle travel and save money and worry.

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