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  • heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

  • heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

  • heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

  • heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

  • heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

heavy duty flatbed semi trailer 3 axle

Product Description

Product Description



Product specifications:




 Brake size




Axle Tube



Total length


LH/10.5T 10500  S420*1801820round 127*12710*M22*1.5335~2165




LH/13T 13000  S420*1801840square 150*15010*M22*1.5335~2185
LH/14T 14000  S420*2001840square 150*15010*M22*1.5335



LH/16T 16000  S420*2201850square 150*15010*M22*1.5335~2205
LH/20T 20000  S420*2201850square 150*15010*M24*1.5335~2252

Remarks:1.Track can be customized according to customer requirements

                2.Axle can install ABS system


American trailer axle (5).jpg

1. Axle Body Advantage: Axle tube is made of high-quality alloy steel with a special process, high strength and lightweight, and the two ends of the tube body have good coaxially.

2. Brake Advantage: Brake Shoes Holder six hole boring machine using six completed a one-time processing, high processing, high position precision, asbestos free friction plate, in line with international environmental standards.

3. Quality Assurance: 

1). The axle tube assured one year or 150000 km. 

2). The brake assy and bearings assured 3 months.

3). The Hubs and Drums assured 6 months.

Other Details:

American trailer axle (18).jpg

1). Professional heat treatment.
2). Precise welding technology.
3). Strictly tested and defect-free.
4). World top after-sales service.

 13T 14T 16T 18T 20T AmericanType Semi Trailer Axle that sells well around the world. Here we have only listed some of the models we produce, and please note that we can produce American Drum Wheel Brake Axle of various specifications according to your drawings, sample or specific parameters you give us.

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1. Special packing :

   The wheel hub is packed in highly elastic pearl cotton, prevent collisions during transport. 

   Bolts and cap has a protective cover belong to itself.

   Hubs are wrapped by the stretch film to prevent damage.

2. In stock: 

  Large quantity and different parameters products in stock, and keep 1,000 stocks at any time
  Guarantee that takes delivery of goods in stock within seven days. 
  Large-scale warehouse provides space for other parts.

3. Take Delivery:

  All the product will be fully tested before shipment.
  Professional operation instruction of the machine.one-year warranty provided, provide the consumable parts at cost price after the warranty period.

  24-hour technical support by emails, calling or videos.

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