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How to do the anti-skid treatment of the dump semi-trailer after the rainy season

Jun. 03, 2020

  How to do the anti-skid treatment of the dump semi-trailer after the rainy season.When the rainy season is over, the possibility of some skids when turning the dump semi-trailer after driving is very large, which requires us to master good driving skills. Everybody is the key to the brakes and tire maintenance of the dump-trailer semi-trailer. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction. If you find that the tires of the dump-trailer semi-trailer are seriously worn and the tread is gone before the rainy season , Be sure to replace. Some people reduce the tire pressure during the rainy season. The purpose is to increase the friction area between the tire and the ground, thereby increasing the adhesion. In fact, it is the opposite. This is more likely to cause the tire to slip, and it is very important to maintain normal tire pressure. In addition, in some vehicles where the brake fluid absorbs water more seriously, water droplets can be seen on the brake fluid oil cup cover. Therefore, the brake fluid must be checked during maintenance to ensure the life safety of the occupants. Once found

  Brake fluid from tipping semi-trailer absorbs water seriously and should be sent to a professional repair shop to remove water.

  If anyone enters into the brake fluid of the tipping dump semi-trailer will cause some related problems, if you want to consult the relevant knowledge about the tipping dump semi-trailer, you can contact us at any time, or continue to pay attention to the website can also understand to know more about the dumping semi-trailer

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