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Misunderstandings that are prone to occur during semi-trailer driving

Jun. 22, 2022

1. The stronger the high beam at night, the safer it is to drive: the high beam will make the other party unable to see the road clearly or cause annoyance, and even the high beam will retaliate, resulting in an accident.

2. Habitually stepping on the clutch is a way to reduce trouble: do not step on the clutch in an emergency brake, stepping on the clutch will make the car faster.

3. It is a safe way to lock the central door lock when the car is running: in the case of no need for child locks and anti-theft, close the door without locking the central door lock, which will increase the difficulty of dismantling after an accident. .

4. Pull the handbrake directly after getting used to parking: The truck should pull down the handbrake when the vehicle is stationary and in neutral state. Do not hang the gear for a long time in order to increase the parking effect. The parking brake on the ramp and the triangular wooden pad tire are the most efficient way.

5. If there are two lanes when driving in one direction, it is safest to drive on the dotted line: driving on the line will cause misjudgment by other vehicles, which is prone to accidents.

6. When turning at high speed, it is safest to step on the brake while stepping on the clutch: the semi-trailer turning in the gear is beneficial to increase the stability of the direction, and stepping on the brake when turning is prone to flicking, so the speed must be controlled when changing.

7. The ABS system is installed in the car to shorten the braking distance: ABS is an anti-lock braking system, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from side slipping when braking, but cannot effectively shorten the braking distance.

8. When encountering other unskilled drivers or violators, you should remind them through the horn or headlights: honking the horn or flashing the headlights for the unskilled will increase the tension of others. We should maintain a proper distance and choose the right time to overtake.

9. When driving, only pay attention to keeping the distance between the front and rear vehicles: You should also keep the distance between the left and right vehicles at all times, look for overtaking opportunities and give way to other vehicles to overtake.

10. The closer the driver's seat is to the steering wheel, the more secure it will be: on the premise that you can fully grasp the steering wheel, try to cultivate the habit of operating at a distance from the steering wheel, so as to minimize the damage to the driver after the accident.

11. Use the handbrake and foot brake on smooth roads to control the driving of the car: The traction resistance of the engine on smooth roads is very important. You can't just use the brakes to brake. It should be done together with the gear, direction and brakes.

12. People who are used to driving fast cars have high driving skills: fast cars can only indicate that the technical performance of the vehicle is high, and it has nothing to do with driving skills.

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