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Aluminum alloy flammable intelligent tank semi trailer

Apr. 30, 2021

Aluminum alloy flammable intelligent tank transport semi-trailer

Type of dangerous goods transport vehicle: FL type vehicle

Hazardous chemical item number: 3

Dimensions (mm): 12550*2500*3980

Rated load quality: 33500

Curb weight (Kg): 6500

Volume (m³): 48


1. Smart tank car: The car has an electronically controlled brake anti-lock function (ABS), an electronically controlled rollover prevention function (RSS), and an electronic load-sensitive braking function (LSV) EBS system.

Tailguard system with reversing obstacle detection and automatic braking function;

Corner stabilization system, Optitire system with tire temperature and pressure monitoring function (equipped with SmartBoard display).

Automatic mileage recording, overall vehicle lifting, tire temperature and pressure monitoring and alarm prompts, suspension intelligent load sensing function, axle lifting, automatic tire inflation and deflation functions, etc. The above functions can realize real-time monitoring of mobile terminal and logistics management.

2. Perfectly matched with the electric control system of the tractor. Real-time monitoring of various data of the vehicle (vehicle speed, axle load, tire temperature and tire pressure, axle unilateral braking force, tank temperature and pressure, volumetric liquid level, automatic opening and closing of safety devices, etc.).

3. Special customized high-strength aluminum alloy sheet profiles, with greater strength, lighter weight, higher safety, and wider transport media.

4. The tank body adopts a deep butterfly head design, which can most effectively diffuse the impact to the surroundings, reduce the local stress of the head, and prolong the service life of the tank body.

5. The full load-bearing variable cross-section structure design of the tank reduces the length of the frame and lowers its own weight.

6. The all-aluminum alloy walking mechanism is connected with the tank body by bolts, which is convenient for vehicle maintenance.

7. Two-stage variable cross-section tank structure design, the tank body reduces a girth weld, the discharge speed is fast, and the residual rate is zero.

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