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Common alternatives to side curtain semi-trailers

Oct. 26, 2020

Although side curtain semi-trailers have not been popularized in China, the demand for cargo transportation is in front of them. Manufacturers have to introduce some products that can replace it for users to choose. Then the domestic side curtain trailer has similar functions and is the most common one. What are the trailers?

  1. Wingspan semi-trailer

  One of the reasons why side-curtain semi-trailers cannot be popular is that they are too "fancy" and their competitors are too powerful. The most common wingspan-type carriages on the market currently have functions close to side-curtain semi-trailers, except that they cannot Loading from the top of the container, when the wingspan is opened, it can also conveniently complete the transportation of pallet cargo.

  The most important thing is that the wingspan-type carriage is made of iron and aluminum alloy on both sides. Compared with the curtain type, it is much stronger and stronger in ensuring the stability of the cargo. If the trailer chassis is equipped with air suspension, it can also transport valuables. For precision instruments, glass products, valuable machinery, etc., the range of goods that can be transported is wider than that of side curtain trailers.

 2.Warehouse compartment

  Speaking of Cangzha semi-trailer, it can also be said to be the characteristics of our motherland. In Europe and the United States and other countries, van-type transportation is adopted. Since the development of China's road transport in recent decades, Cangzha semi-trailer has Because of its high loading capacity, convenient disassembly, wide transportation of goods, and low cost, it has been favored by users.

  At present, there will be warehouse-type semi-trailers in green transportation, less-than-carload transportation, grain transportation, and coal transportation. They can run short distances or long distances. This is the versatility of carriages, low investment and suitable for the development of retail investors. The biggest feature is that it has gone through decades of development. From the single door opening method to the current side opening, left and right opening, up and down opening, etc., as long as the user is willing to take the time to remove the lock lever, other things are not a problem.

  It can be loaded from the top, lock levers and side panels can be opened, forklifts can be used to load pallets, and it can even replace the existence of dump trucks in coal transportation. The reason is that its weight is low, and after all side doors are opened , The width of the door opening is large, which can adapt to the loading and unloading of various construction machinery.

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