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How much do you know about the selection of skeleton semi-trailers

Feb. 20, 2021

Vehicles such as low-flat semi-trailer, light-duty semi-trailer and laboratory vehicles are all designed to meet the needs of various special functions in the medical industry. Due to the uneven development of various industries in different periods, special-purpose vehicles have different market hotspots in different periods. In recent years, the rapid development of my country's highway construction has brought favorable conditions for the development of automobile logistics and transportation, and my country's highways have entered the third place in the world. The western development and the rapid construction of high-grade highways provide a new market space for highway logistics and transportation. Due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, the lightweight of trailers has become the trend of world trailer development. The price of Liangshan Trailer Factory's main lightweight semi-trailer series continues to increase! The lightweight of semi-trailers leads the "light era" to create a new concept of profitability. . Choose mechanical load-bearing devices, mainly factory-equipped 12T, 20T; Fuhua 13T; JOST; and other types. Its function is to support the ground and bear the front load of the semi-trailer when the traction device is disengaged from the trailer. There are two types of supporting devices, single-acting type and linkage type, which are mainly composed of a supporting plate, a screw drive mechanism, a reduction box and a joystick. There are three types of suspension devices: single-axle suspension and double-axle suspension and three-axle suspension. The semi-trailer is equipped with two spare tire frames, which are installed on the left and right sides of the trailer frame respectively, and are equipped with spare tire lifters. Arc bread corner design Arc bread corner design: remove the rigidity, more affinity for the container. Compared with the rigid corner design, the arc bread corner design adds a lot of flexible concepts. There is no feeling of hard collision between the container and the car body, and it does reduce the collision of the container. This design is definitely not for the pursuit of beauty. The skeleton car designed with the concept of "low" is carefully expressed everywhere. 7. Customized high-strength steel is expected to continue to reduce capacity in the future, but the progress and scale of the task of overcapacity will slow down, and the effect of reducing overcapacity on the steel industry will be marginal. On the one hand, the production capacity layout will be slightly changed. After two years of stricter capacity reduction.

The skeleton car is made of customized high-strength steel, which has stable quality and performance. The vehicle accessories are all well-known brands in the industry. Adopting the process design of striving for perfection, through the control of the quality inspection, the performance of the product is brought into full play and the service life reaches the high standard of the industry. Its advanced craftsmanship, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service have won a good evaluation in the special vehicle industry and have also been unanimously recognized by customers.

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