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In the latest announcement, the dump truck is on

Jan. 30, 2021

Since August, the old national standard warehouse grid vehicle announcements of the trailer manufacturers have basically expired, but the sales of new disc brake airbag bridges have not increased significantly, and the entire semi-trailer industry has been in a downturn. In this context, on August 25, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the 336th batch of new products in the "Announcement on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products." So what are the highlights of the trailer products in this batch of announcements? Let's take a look together.

● The trend of Cangzha cars is unknown, and the number of new cars of various types is small

As for the warehouse-type semi-trailer with the highest market share, there are only two new vehicles in this batch of announcements. In fact, since the announcement of the 330 batches in February this year, the number of new Cangzha vehicles has been very low, and this batch has dropped directly to the bottom, the same as the 332 batches during the epidemic.

As the current market trend is not clear, there is only one curtain side car, the "successor to the Cangzha car" that everyone speculated before. And all van semi-trailers add up to only 4 models, including a 2-axle car and a flying wing car.

It shows that in the case of unclear policies, users and manufacturers are in a wait-and-see state, and the market will continue to be down in the near future.

● Self-unloading semi-trailer continues the stone fire

But not all types of semi-trailer market will be in a downturn-the number of new dump semi-trailers is still very large, with a total of 50 new vehicles in the 336 batch of announcements.

There are two main reasons for this phenomenon: one is that the flatbed dump semi-trailer has been positioned as an illegal vehicle since August 2019. The elimination of overloaded vehicles will inevitably bring in a large number of compliant vehicles, plus after the epidemic. The infrastructure industry continues to exert strength, and the sand and gravel transportation market naturally obtains good development opportunities;

Flatbed dump semi-trailer is designated as a violation vehicle

On the other hand, because the appearance of the rollover dump semi-trailer is very similar to that of the fence semi-trailer, but it does not need to install disc brakes and air suspension, there is a tendency to replace the fence truck.

Therefore, trailer manufacturers bet on the rollover and dump semi-trailer, which can be said to be "offensive and defensive"-if the users of the pallet truck flock to the rollover and dump semi-trailer, then the product layout in advance can preempt the market. Even if this road is not feasible, the huge sand and gravel transportation market can guarantee that it will not lose money.

At the same time, the number of previously controversial "bulk grain transport semi-trailers" in this batch of announcements has also reached its peak-a total of 8 new products, which shows that trailer manufacturers are still very keen on the market.

Among these new cars, the longest cargo compartment can reach 11.25 meters, the inner width can reach 2.49 meters, and the inner height can reach 2.5 meters. Since most of the cargo compartments are trapezoidal, it is impossible to accurately calculate the volume of their cargo compartments. However, compared with the standard rollover dump or back dump dump, the loading capacity is greatly improved.

Due to the conveyor belt unloading method of this model, the vehicle will not roll over after lifting the cargo compartment, but if the huge cargo compartment is fully loaded with sand and gravel, it will basically be overloaded. Nowadays, the number of new vehicles of this model is constantly increasing, and it is likely to become the successor of the flatbed dump truck and the new favorite of sand and gravel transportation.

● Summary:

Judging from the new car situation in the 336 batches of announcements, the current trend of the warehouse car market is still unclear, and will continue to be down for a period of time, while the dump semi-trailer market will continue to be hot. At the same time, with the entry of "bulk grain transportation semi-trailers", the sand and gravel transportation market may return to the chaotic situation.

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