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The trailer should also be intelligent so that it is not afraid of the height limit

Feb. 02, 2021

Many card friends know that the height of the truck is greatly affected by the weight of the cargo. When fully loaded, the suspension will be pressed very low, and a part of the height will pop up when it is empty. Therefore, the height of the vehicle often brings some inconveniences when loading goods and over-limiting the height bar. In response to these problems, Wilbur Scientific issued an Optilevel system.

The basic principle of this system is to use the height signal of the airbag to measure the height of the vehicle, and then use the ECAS system to automatically adjust the height of the vehicle. There are two specific applications:

● Automatically return to loading height

When the vehicle is parked next to the cargo platform to load and unload cargo, the height of the cargo box and the height of the cargo platform are often inconsistent, and it is not convenient for the forklift to enter and exit.

Therefore, WABCO’s system will automatically memorize the loading height of the vehicle and automatically adjust it to a height suitable for loading when it arrives at the dock.

When the forklift enters the cargo compartment, the trailer suspension will be lowered. At this time, the system will automatically raise the height of the vehicle to the position of the cargo platform; when the forklift leaves, the trailer suspension will bounce off again, and the system will be here. The height of the vehicle is lowered to the position of the cargo platform to ensure that the cargo box and the cargo platform are always level.

● Automatically return to driving height

After the vehicle is loaded and unloaded, the trailer will be towed away. Once the vehicle speed exceeds the preset value, the system will automatically detect the height of the trailer, and then raise or lower the suspension to return the vehicle to the normal height limit. In this way, you can avoid exceeding the height limit, and also avoid violations caused by super height.

Not only convenient, but also safe and fuel-efficient

In order to adapt to drop and pull transportation, WABCO's system can still operate normally after leaving the front of the car. If drop-and-pull transportation is not required, the driver can complete this series of operations while sitting in the cab. On the one hand, this can improve transportation efficiency, and on the other hand, the driver can avoid some safety risks when loading and unloading goods after loading and unloading the platform.

In addition, according to the information, this suspension system has been specially tuned to save about 100 liters of fuel per year. It can be said that it is not only convenient to use, but also safe and fuel-efficient.

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