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Zhejiang local tyrant spends 8 million to buy a semi-trailer and convert it into a RV

Jan. 26, 2021

As the income level of residents has increased, people have begun to pursue spiritual enjoyment. Nowadays, many families choose to travel with friends during holidays. At the same time, the construction of my country's transportation network is very complete, and self-driving tours have become the first choice for many families. If you want to have fun by driving, apart from planning a good route, the choice of car is also very important.

Motorhomes are a very suitable means of transportation for self-driving tours, but due to the influence of traditional concepts, motorhomes are not popular in our country. However, in recent years, as young people's perceptions have changed, RVs have become more and more common. Although the common RVs on the market are relatively complete, the indoor space is very small. If a family of four travels, the space will still be very cramped.

In Zhejiang, a local tyrant bought a second-hand semi-trailer for a price of 8 million yuan. Originally, this local tyrant bought this semi-trailer to develop the company’s transportation business. Not useful. If an 8 million semi-trailer is sold second-hand, it will cost hundreds of thousands of losses, so the local tyrant is not willing to sell it directly.

Finally, this local tyrant came up with a good way. He spent more than 1 million yuan to convert this semi-trailer into a super luxury RV. Because the body of this semi-trailer is relatively long, the interior of this RV modified by the local tyrant is also very luxurious. It is not only equipped with various leisure areas, but also has a dozen waiters.

After the local tyrant completed the transformation of this RV, it did not open for business, but used it as a guest house for his company. A RV with such a peculiar shape was widely praised by customers, and the local tyrant’s business became better and better. Earn at least 10 million more in annual turnover.

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