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Aluminum trailer boosts the development of modern transportation industry

Jan. 27, 2021

China Aluminum Tube Trading Network News

   Global energy shortage and environmental pollution are two major challenges facing the world today. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become a common responsibility of the international community.  Attaches great importance to energy conservation and emission reduction. my country's transportation industry is the main energy consumption industry. According to statistics in recent years, the energy consumption of transportation has increased by 10.8% per year on average, and the energy saving situation is becoming increasingly severe. Energy saving and consumption reduction are the key to improving efficiency and competitiveness of my country's transportation industry.

   The rapid development of green and efficient logistics

The "Outline of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" clearly proposes to vigorously develop the modern logistics industry: accelerate the establishment of a socialized, professional, and informatized modern logistics service system, strengthen the construction and connection of logistics infrastructure, and improve logistics efficiency. Reduce logistics costs. The rapid development of modern logistics has made great contributions to the development of social economy, but at the same time it has also brought a series of social problems, such as air pollution caused by high fuel consumption of transportation vehicles. Based on the damage caused by logistics to the environment, green and efficient logistics have emerged. It is necessary and urgent to create my country's modern green logistics and advocate high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. my country's enterprises stepping up the development of green logistics is an important opportunity to cope with future challenges and take the lead in competition.

   great support

  At present, automobile lightweight has been included in the guiding catalog of products and services of strategically emerging industries, and enjoys supporting policies. Prepare to provide subsidies for lightweight trailers. What needs to be implemented is to subsidize vehicles with more than 90% of aluminum alloy used in automobiles. Secondly, in March 2013, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched the "Notice on Carrying out the Third Batch of Pilot Work for Highway Drop-and-Trail Transport", which will promote the development of drop-trailers.

  The advantages of aluminum trailers are highlighted

   Aluminum alloy trailers are the product of green and efficient transportation. Compared with ordinary steel vehicles, aluminum alloy trailers have great advantages. It has the characteristics of light weight, low fuel consumption, high strength, and maintenance-saving. The aluminum alloy can be reused and can achieve value-added, consumption-reduction, and environmental protection. For example, Shengtong Automobile Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing aluminum alloy semi-trailers, customer-oriented, and social responsibility as its mission. The aluminum alloy semi-trailer developed with great concentration is made of high-speed rail and aviation-grade aluminum, which has strong anti-expansion capacity. The lightweight feature effectively solves the problems of "no profit without overloading" and "large tons and small standards". A semi-trailer can reduce the weight by more than 3 tons compared with similar steel vehicles, and can carry 2.4 tons more cargo per time. Calculated based on the transportation price of 0.5 yuan per ton-kilometer and 200,000 kilometers of annual operation, each vehicle can increase annual revenue by 240,000 yuan. The wheelbase and wheelbase are within the designed range, which effectively improves the stability and maneuverability of the vehicle. The platform has been built, and it is believed that the aluminum trailer will show extraordinary charm and win-win value in the modern logistics industry.

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